Male Choir of the Dax Choral Circle

Los cantadores support

A well removed "paquito", it is something different than a "préformaté"  chorus girls band ! That shakes your head, legs and the rest and that certainly lets you  in this feast of the permanent music of the "Feria". "Los Cantadores", near the cathedral, a huge big top saturated as an ampli of hard rock fan...

Inside, no subterfuge, no accompaniment. Here, song is the king and the male organs of "Cantadores" set the tone. No accompaniment, but no passive public either. Under the white tent the biggest choir of the "Feria" meets itself every evening.

That looks like the end of an enormous banquet where every body would become " the uncle who has a so beautiful voice ". In brief, a musically essential place of the Feria



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