Male Choir of the Dax Choral Circle

The choirmaster


Flavie Damon Nicogossian began playing music and playing the cello at the age of 7. At 12, she entered the Regional Conservatory in Toulouse.

After obtaining her Scientific Baccalaureate in parallel with her musical course, she will continue her musical career at the conservatory by obtaining her diplomas in musical training class, in cello class, in ensemble music class (Trio and Quartet) and in class. history of music.

Always interested in the transmission of knowledge and in love with pedagogy, fervent follower of music for all, Flavie obtained in 1999 a University Diploma of Musician Intervening, then in 2018 a State Diploma of Music Teacher.

After her marriage and settling in the Landes in 1999, she continued to develop her activity as a musician and teacher:
- in a school environment: musician in class, choral project leader in school environment, their direction and realization.
- in Conservatory: teaching of the Cello and Musical Training.

Choir direction.
- in associations: Musical and artistic direction of the FaSiLaCanté Women's Choir since 2003 / Musical and artistic direction of the Small Poly-songs choir on stage (creation of shows in the musical style, workshop for children and adolescents) since 2015 / Musical direction and artistic work of the Cercle Chorale Dacquois since 2019
- in group: Member of the Dax Symphony Orchestra / Member of Opus Doria since its creation.

Singing for Flavie: “The love of singing, vocal expression and choir practice has always been the central focus of my teaching and my musical practice. Regardless of the repertoire; singing is based, like many sports activities, on two pillars: breathing and posture. Singing is an inexhaustible source of energy, which allows you to build muscles and relax deeply, releasing negative emotions. Singing mobilizes 300 muscles, which must act at the same time to produce sound. This is why singing is a sport… of high level for professionals, of leisure for amateurs. The singers have a great conscience of their body and an excellent discipline of life. Singing is a complete activity - sports, intellectual, artistic -, to be consumed without moderation! "

Being choir director for Flavie: “Conducting the choir is a fabulous act. For me this means listening to what the group already knows how to do to get it to do even better but also listening to what the group does not know how to do and seek, invent, transmit tools to advance and show people that they are capable of doing much better than they initially thought; this is very humanly strong! It is also looking for the musical requirements of each score, transmitting them and making them emerge in the production. Create musical harmony between the different voices and desks. Always seek the balance between high standards and pleasure, being aware that pleasure also comes from success, itself the result of high standards and progress.

In conclusion and to summarize the character, she gives you one last quote:

     "My goal is to bring music to life for everyone in the most varied aesthetics possible, because in music, life is simply more beautiful! "


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