Male Choir of the Dax Choral Circle

A long story ... from 1886 to now

The male choir of the Dax Choral Circle is one of the jewels of the Dax associative scene. Recently christened "Chœur d'hommes du Cercle Choral Dacquois", it is also the oldest musical society in Dax created in 1886 from the fusion of two choirs " The Lyre of Dax " and " the Choir of Saint Vincent de Paul ". This town choir participated successfully in numerous competitions and was then called "Chorale de Dax". It became the "Cercle Choral Dacquois" in 1920. Over the 138 years since its creation, 14 choirmasters have succeeded each other at the head of the choir.

Composed today of about fifty choristers divided into four sections, where three generations rub shoulders, this " orchestra of (vocal) chords " sings exclusively "a cappella ".

The choir’s eclectic repertoire, draws its inspiration from Gascon, Basque and European traditions, from hymns and from popular music.

The choir performs at concerts in churches and concert halls, but also lends its voices to religious services and official events.

The singers of the "Cercle Choral Dacquois" add to their motivation a true pride in the singing tradition that has been passed on to them over the generations and are watchful to maintain and to perpetuate the gascon tradition of singing, singing for " the pleasure to please " and to share their passion: choral singing.

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